Thursday, 14 June 2018

Why Would You Pay $22,000 For a Dog?

G’Day Mob,

There’s been plenty of news and raised eyebrows this week about a kelpie named Glencairn Seven who was sold for $22,000 at the annual Casterton Kelpie Muster. Who, in their right mind, would pay that amount of money for a farm dog? Well, after my experience this morning perhaps the question should be: why not?

I woke to the sound of 100 weaners (young heifers and steers) racing each other to the cottonseed shed, galloping down from their warm night camp to begin a day of feasting and playing. 100 weaners self-feedng around the cottonshed is a wonderful sight, as Bonnie can attest to as she supervises from atop the pile.

I headed off for my morning walk with 8 dogs:  two fox terribles, one retired Huntaway and B’s five Border Collies who he has bred and trained to work on the farm. I asked three of the Border Collies to bring the weaners. And they did. They rounded them up into a mob and guided them after me.

Imagine walking through a 700 acre paddock with 8 dogs and 100 calves in tow. All I had to do was walk, and behind me the three dogs brought the weaners. To say we live on a farm because of the lifestyle is often a cliché but this morning reminded me just our lucky we are.

And it also reminded me to be grateful for these willing workers and to reflect on their significance and importance to our lives:

So $22,000 for a working dog? Yep, I can understand that.

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