Thursday, 26 April 2018

Celebrating Rural Women

G’Day Mob,

Last month I was honoured to speak to a group of ladies in Injune on International Women’s Day. They wanted to know a little of how I came to be in front of them so they heard stories from the deserts of Western Australia to the Tasman Sea off Eden in southern New South Wales.; and heard of our gypsy lifestyle that has seen me work as a geologist, a deckhand, a bookkeeper, a grazier, an opal miner and a writer/photographer. It’s been a  bit of a ride.

But I want to talk about the women who inspire me. I culled a long list down to six, which was no easy task, and all of these women are from the bush. Let’s meet them:

Two female geologists (Steph and Mandy) living the dream in the Western Australian deserts in the mid 1990s